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That's the song your ISP will be singing once Trump signs off on a bill to end privacy in the United States where much of the world's internet infrastructure already lives.

Last week, a thread posting this image of a NYT full page ad warning of the dangers of the loss of internet privacy became one of the most upvoted reddit posts of all time.

Since then, the bill has passed from Senate onto Congress, where it was again passed.

This move seems to be in line with AT&T wanting to charge almost $400/y to customers who did not want their browser history sold to anyone willing to buy it.

Either way, you should know that your privacy is being sold out. So either make some noise to convince the American President to veto the law, or start shopping for a VPN, for as long as that remains helpful.

Also see:

this reddit comment with a list of resources, and...

This video regarding the news by youtube channel h3h3:

And this article about the Cards Against Humanity creators intentions:


Hope this info is helpful.

Safe internetting!

The Disaster that is the Anthropocene Age of Man

Being a person who not only diddles away time playing various Video Games, and divulging in the endlessly diverse storytelling found in the many acts of the film industry, I find myself at odds with the Age of Man that God(or whomever) has decided to through me into against my will.

To come to terms with the immense and unbeatable din of concepts, ideas, people, societies, industrialization, politics, etc, ad nauseum, to infinity and beyond, I use these simplistic auditory and ocular means of entertainment to contain myself. If I abandoned this buffer, this distraction, the uncontrollable current of the world would pour itself into me through the books, internet, research, etc, that I would compulsorily driven to pick up and read.

As it is, I find myself allured and bedazzled by books, scientific findings, random internet searches. I still cannot help myself, even when in the middle of the expertly crafted Fallout 4, a thought may cross my head, and I pour through my volumes to quench it.

The point you wonder? As you are assaulted by my driveling, disinterested by my foray into my private little world, baffled as to why I begin speaking only of myself, despite the grabbing title. Well, its quite simple, through my findings, I have noticed something. Something which I would all of those who would just as soon disregard my article in return for the enjoyment of a video, or game, to take but a brief moment of your life to consider. I have come across a term used by many in the scientific fields, a term which has been discussed in great depths between researchers upon the vast and varied Usenet, a term who's meaning has been butchered by mainstream science so thoroughly as to be unrecognizable: Anthropocene.

Arguably, the dubbed Antropocene Age's origins can be traced back to the dawn of the Scientific Revolution. Specifically, the invention of the mass transmission of electricity. Electricity solved much of man's problems. Firstly, man could now furnish himself endlessly with far better tools and machines to craft products. Man could power entire cities, where people could live together in more and more numerous numbers, separated from the far more dangerous life humans faced as little as a few centuries before. The mainstream Scientific view is that the Antropocene Age starts somewhere around the end of the second World War. The argument here is that after this particular point, Mankind's technological advance made such a rapid leap forward as to leave in the dust by sheer magnitude the technological advances of the previous generations. Personally, I view the gradual occurrence of the Anthropocene Age as the more valid means for its inception. This being because the gradual shifts in society and human behavior, as well as earlier technologies that led to the grand bit of technology we now experience, all finds itself under the umbrella of Anthropocene development.

One of the major changes made by the Anthropocene Age is life expectancy. The average human being now lives from around 70-85 years of age. Before the twentieth century: 45-50 years was the average life expectancy(some would argue lower). This increase in life expectancy led to a drastic increase in population size, the Earth now at over 7.2 Billion people, versus a little over 1.5 billion just before the twentieth century. In the coming decades, we are looking at an approximate 10-11 billion people. A total of 3% of the world's landmass(including Antarctica and the north pole) is covered in urban development. That means that 5,908,197 square miles of the earth is completely covered by cities.

So what does all of this mean? Well, in my humble opinion, the greatest disaster mankind has ever faced, to explain in full:

Its no mystery, city folk are quite numb to the world. Caught in their spheres of activity, fed whatever information they can cull from news, magazines, and a limited internet(I am a purveyor of using the deep web and the Usenet, if you use it, you know how much you are missing), bereft of many practical skills, and desensitized by video games, sports, and other entertainment("Give them Bread and Circuses"-Cicero) In Tokyo, the gaming epidemic has become so pervasive and nigh destructive that Mothers have to bring their adult game-addicted children food to make sure they feed themselves. Children as young as twelve and thirteen are so devoid of self confidence, self-awareness, or self-knowledge, that they feel they need to starve themselves to look like runway models, not to mention that these same girls feel the need to dress in said fashion, and their parents let them do both(In the Britain and the US). The education of our generation is also sabotaged, children are taught here in Britain advanced mathematics and English, and yet, cannot compute the arithmetical measure of quantities, nor draft an adequate essay(the same is happening in the USA with the common core education system).

Widespread research shows that Humans are actually devolving through the inculcation into our recently adopted lifestyle(aside from the epidemic of people walking off of and into things whilst texting), in many cases, a decrease in actual brain power and/or function by as much as 8%. Many people were recorded as having numbed emotional and intellectual capabilities due to this loss. Many I have conversed with in the field of Psychology(which I have a Masters degree in myself) who have been in the field a good forty-fifty years have noticed a loss of cognitive reasoning in the current generation of patients, as compared to the previous generations served. This lack of cognitive capability inhibits the capable operation of problem solving, contextual reasoning, thought process, and the understanding of non-pattern based concepts(irony, sarcasm, sadness and other emotions, etc) Another fact that many Psychologists fear is the rise in dependency on Psychiatric Medication. Over thirty percent of adults in the EU, over forty percent of adults in the UK, and far more than fifty percent of adults in the US are taking high-level psychiatric medication. The effects of these types of psychiatric medication include everything from advanced changes in behavior and emotional reaction(violence and depression in many cases) to physical reactions to some of these medications. It is speculated amongst many in the field that the rise in Psychotic and violent behavior in the US(mass shootings, riots, protests, attacks on police) is due to the unprecedented rise in the use of Psychiatrics, and can be directly correlated to the use of these medications.

In conclusion, the persisted aid to the downfall of Man through the actions taken by us during the Anthropocene Age is undeniable. We are destroying our planet(not through global climate change, but urban development:, destroying our minds, destroying our future generations, and slowly but surely nearing our own end.

Free education and the current state of America

Hello all!!!

Firstly, I would like to thank all of those on the Sift who have been so kind as to help me get started on this site, and within this community: Eric3579, Newtboy, Ant, PlayHousePals:)

I recently posted a video, the topic of which is a movement towards free education in America. Another topic brought up in this video is that of a higher wage for Americans($15/hr). My background being in Banking and Finance(I work at Lloyds Banking Group) spurred me to write out what I believe in this talk forum:)

The plain fact is that America cannot operate as other countries in the EU. Not only that, but many countries in the EU don't work well at all(Just look at Greece). The only truly stable economies in the EU are Britain, Germany, France, and Russia. Of these, France and Spain are the most economically unsound, and they are both Socialist-based. Germany has a free education system, and they still have an amazingly resilient economy. They aren't socialist, but can afford a free education system without higher taxes simply because they do not spend tens of billions a year on huge federally run healthcare systems and lofty, inadequate-to-superfluous welfare programs that target the poor. Germany also accepts little to no mass immigration of any kind, requiring many to have Germanic ties before becoming citizens. This, combined with strong capitalist economic practices, provides for a system with a stronger middle class(not upper) than all the countries in Europe except for Britain, and, a free education system.

Not that I am advocating America copy Germany's model, however, I am simply showcasing what an economy needs to be operational, and provide benefits for the people. America isn't functioning on Capitalist practices, as much as many would like to tout. The entire Free Market Capitalism originally brought about by the American economic system isn't being used. The Government spends whatever it wants(under the Obama administration, the national debt IS OVER $18 BILLION!!!!!!), debts are NOT paid back, tax loopholes for corporations are not dissolved, and BILLIONS in Federal funds are just given(yes, given) to the "poor" through welfare programs that, instead of helping American Citizens, help immigrants...

If America cut the loopholes for companies, abolished the horrible "Obamacare" healthcare system(and adopted a better model, such as the UK's), Stopped mass immigration(and provided for gradual immigration, ensuring the mass amount of immigrants actually contributed to the economy), dissolved the immense amount of welfare programs, and went back to free-market capitalism, then yes, there could be provided for a Free Education, and possibly a higher minimum wage...

Currently, however the demand for $15 an hour minimum wage, It wont work. Not in America. Businesses cant have enough money to pay people a substantial $15 an hour and provide health benefits. It would be a disaster. Not only that, but it is a clear disaster that people should have the sense to realize.

I think that continuing would only prove redundant, although I welcome discussion:)


Some of you may know that for my day job I work at the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. Today we've launched a new website that is working to collect the world's solutions to climate change. A lot of the publications in the clean energy world are siloed in their respective technology eg. Solar solutions are held by organisations that just deal with solar. is aggregating all of these different sources into one website. Does this sound like a certain other website you know? Yes - it's kind of a "CleanEnergySift". (I proposed that name but it didn't fly) There's even a way to submit publications.

I'm the community manager for - (thanks to my VideoSift experience!). We just launched today - please give us a hand in getting the word out about our new baby by visiting and promoting to your designated social media choice. ;-)

Thank you VideoSift, and good night! I'll take any questions or feedback about in the comments

Terrorists acquire nuclear container to smuggle uranium

The United States has been forewarned for years about an American Hiroshima. The current administration turns a blind eye to unabated smuggling networks across the Mexican and Canadian borders so as to be politically correct. God only knows what else they are, and have been smuggling. Obama has yet to even call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. If anyone should doubt the reality of such an event happening, they should keep in mind what JFK had to say during his presidency 50 years ago:

“If things get too bad and war is inevitable,” he said, “they will set it off and that’s the end of the White House and the rest of the city.”

Source: Global Geopolitics

Electronic Run On the Banks video / Iran Strikes Back

Quite possibly the scariest thing not yet known...

The video posted on the website is kind of reminiscent on what's happening today. However, if it happens again today, I doubt the US is prepared.

"Iranian hackers took over a University of Michigan computer network during a massive cyber attack on U.S. financial systems last week that continued following comments on the strike by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta."

Source: Global Geopolitics

Khamenei Warns Iran’s Top Leaders: WAR IN WEEKS

How do I know war is certain, as opposed to 'maybe'? Might be a bit dated, but this is how:

On July 27, just before Friday prayers, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei summoned top Iranian military chiefs for what he called “their last war council.”

“We’ll be at war within weeks,” he told the gathering, debkafile’s exclusive Iranian and intelligence sources disclose.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Source: Global Geopolitics

So Is America/Israel/Etc... Going Into Iran?

I'll keep this quick and simple. We have Russia trying to bring forces down from the north (it'll take awhile too), but they are politically engaged which could be dangerous. We have some new information that the U.S. is lining up it's stealth forces in the region (to use or just in case); if we elect a Republican President for the U.S. this November the chances go up.

... more inside ...

Asia Times: Syria and those 'disgusting' BRICS

A Greek choir of the "disgusted" and the "outraged" predictably greeted BRICS members Russia and China double veto to the United Nations Security Council resolution imposing regime change in Syria. The resolution was backed by that haven of democracy, the GCC League, the organization controlled by the six monarchies/emirates of the Gulf Cooperation Council formerly known as the Arab League.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the double veto a "travesty". Then Clinton duly incited "friends of democratic Syria" to keep working for regime change, which was the object of the resolution. The copyright for this idea is held by the liberator of Libya, neo-Napoleonic French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said Paris was already working to create a NATOGCC "Friends of the Syrian People Group" in charge of implementing the Arab League's regime change plan.

Right on cue, Paris puppet Burhan Ghalyun, the head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) - the opposition umbrella group - also summoned these countries "friendly to the Syrian people". Everybody knows who they are; the US, Britain, France, Israel and GCC members Qatar and Saudi Arabia. With "friends" like these, the "Syrian people" certainly don't need enemies.

More: Pepe Escobar: Syria and those 'disgusting' BRICS

Related: Report of Arab League Observer Mission (PDF)

Now compare it to your local news headlines/articles.

Iran To Shut Down American Economy?

We've imposed economic sanctions on Iran, in order to punish them for opposing Israel. But Iran is taking those sanctions very seriously.
In fact, they've recently threatened to cut of the Oil supply to the USA.

What does this mean? It may mean that the Iranians think war with the USA is inevitable.

World War 3 starting this week

Everyone knows that it's feasible for Israel to be bombing Iran at any moment now.
Even though there's a million reasons for Israel not to bomb Iran.

What people don't know, is that Iran is part of the Chinese political bloc. If the forthcoming Iran bombing escalates into an invasion of Iran, China (who currently has a small army) will be forced into the fight. So, we'll have a world war in however long that takes to happen.

I found this an interesting read.

You do have to register to get full access to it, but it is very good. Nothing particularly new, but very well written imo.

EDIT - Nevermind, I should have just copied it in from the start:

Iraq was one of those wars where people actually put on pounds. A few years ago, I was eating lunch with another reporter at an American-style greasy spoon in Baghdad's Green Zone. At a nearby table, a couple of American contractors were finishing off their burgers and fries. They were wearing the contractor's uniform: khakis, polo shirts, baseball caps, and Department of Defense identity badges in plastic pouches hanging from nylon lanyards around their necks. The man who had served their food might have been the only Iraqi they spoke with all day. The Green Zone was set up to make you feel that Iraq was a hallucination and you were actually in Normal, Illinois. This narcotizing effect seeped into the consciousness of every American who hunkered down and worked and partied behind its blast walls -- the soldier and the civilian, the diplomat and the journalist, the important and the obscure. Hardly anyone stayed longer than a year; almost everyone went home with a collection of exaggerated war stories, making an effort to forget that they were leaving behind shoddy, unfinished projects and a country spiraling downward into civil war. As the two contractors got up and ambled out of the restaurant, my friend looked at me and said, "We're just not that good anymore."

The Iraq war was a kind of stress test applied to the American body politic. And every major system and organ failed the test: the executive and legislative branches, the military, the intelligence world, the for-profits, the nonprofits, the media. It turned out that we were not in good shape at all -- without even realizing it. Americans just hadn't tried anything this hard in around half a century. It is easy, and completely justified, to blame certain individuals for the Iraq tragedy. But over the years, I've become more concerned with failures that went beyond individuals, and beyond Iraq -- concerned with the growing arteriosclerosis of American institutions. Iraq was not an exceptional case. It was a vivid symptom of a long-term trend, one that worsens year by year. The same ailments that led to the disastrous occupation were on full display in Washington this past summer, during the debt-ceiling debacle: ideological rigidity bordering on fanaticism, an indifference to facts, an inability to think beyond the short term, the dissolution of national interest into partisan advantage.

Was it ever any different? Is it really true that we're just not that good anymore? As a thought experiment, compare your life today with that of someone like you in 1978. Think of an educated, reasonably comfortable couple perched somewhere within the vast American middle class of that year. And think how much less pleasant their lives are than yours. The man is wearing a brown and gold polyester print shirt with a flared collar and oversize tortoiseshell glasses; she's got on a high-waisted, V-neck rayon dress and platform clogs. Their morning coffee is Maxwell House filter drip. They drive an AMC Pacer hatchback, with a nonfunctioning air conditioner and a tape deck that keeps eating their eight-tracks. When she wants to make something a little daring for dinner, she puts together a pasta primavera. They type their letters on an IBM Selectric, the new model with the corrective ribbon. There is only antenna television, and the biggest thing on is Laverne and Shirley. Long-distance phone calls cost a dollar a minute on weekends; air travel is prohibitively expensive. The city they live near is no longer a place where they spend much time: trash on the sidewalks, junkies on the corner, vandalized pay phones, half-deserted subway cars covered in graffiti.

... more inside ...

Prediction for an outcome of the Occupy Movement

How will this protesting movement end? What are your thoughts and predictions?
What will happen if this continues up to the elections?

Here's my thoughts for outcomes

1) It fizzles out. A major world event takes up the headlines and people tickle away losing interest

2) The winning president at the election promises to investigate 'Change' People cheer and disperse regardless of actual change.

3) Occupy Wins: Lets say Obama steps to the podium tonight to make orders that satisfy the occupy movement.
He opens his mouth: What is his command?

4) The 1% wins. Hostility increases. More people are attacked and arrested. Protesters fight back.... maybe even take action to damage a wall street building. The 99% get likened to domestic terrorists. Anti-terrorism powers like the Patriot Act are used to take control and remove the threat.

Occupy Together

I have 0 faith in the political process. I have close to 0 faith in protest movements in America. I went to one today anyhow.

I went to check out the first day of Occupy Fort Worth. As a protest movement, or a solidarity march, or whatever, I believe there is little if any chance of success. Politicians may consider changing their rhetoric after a while, but no real changes will be made. Corporations are not going to wheedle their way out of government or give up any of their power because people march around banking districts in their nikes and tweet about it on their iphones. These things will not change business as usual. I donated some food to the hand full of people camping out over night on the sidewalk. It was peanut butter manufactured by a subsidary of proctor&gamble. This will change nothing because at the end of the day, we're still financing the top 1%. Our every move finances our oppression.

However, occupations are springing up in cities all over the world. Thousands of frustrated people, with very very common problems are meeting in parks to commune and share their struggles, explore direct democractic processes, meet their police officers, and then share their ideas and experiences with other people thousands of miles away. This is pretty damn cool.

It's pretty damn cool because I think, if it has a chance to do anything at all it's to build communities to solve their individual problems together. A lot of the people I met today were worried and frustrated about their student loan debt... what if all the general assemblies within all the occupy movements simultaneously voted to just to stop paying? Thousands and thousands of people just default on their student loan debt? What then? I saw the people at Occupy Houston voted to withdrawal all of their money from large banks. I'm sure similar measures will be adopted at others if not all Occupy movements. Occupy Dallas opened a day care. The thousands at Occupy Wallstreet are voting to adopt a new currencies to use amongst themselves. At Occupy Fort Worth we discussed guerilla gardening tactics and what to do about the oil & gas companies who are lying to the population, polluting our beautiful city and leaving dead ugly worthless patches of land all over. What if occupy movements grow and start clothes shares? and ride shares? and bike shares? and food shares? and land shares? and house shares? What if all the new friends we're making collectively decide on ways to consume less, alternative ways to educate our children together, alternatively support each other in sickness and in poverty? I do not think all the signs and standing and camping and chanting is going to change anything ever, but I do think this is the first time communities have been formed this rapidly, this vastly, this simultaneously all over the world with instant access to each other and I do think communities are where people become empowered and I think it will be fascinating to participate in and watch unfold.

Anyone else attending any occupy events?? tell me about them!!

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